Rear Entry Vans

Rear Entry Mini VansAt Clock Accessible Vans, you’ll find two options for rear-entry handicap vans: the Viewpoint Vision Van and the AutoAbility Van. Both of these vehicles are premium rear-entry models on the road today, noted for both their advanced mobility solutions and high-tech engineering. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get a great handicap van that makes wheelchair mobility a breeze.

The Viewpoint Vision wheelchair van has several great features, including a power fold-out ramp and a flexible suspension which allows the van to be lowered towards the ground. The Viewpoint Vision’s rear hatch can also be opened with a hand-held remote or a dash-mounted switch for quick and convenient use.

AutoAbility handicap vans are also a great mobility solution due to several advanced features. These vans have vinyl flooring for added durability and a lowered van floor for increased head room. The second row comes with removable captain’s chairs for added space when necessary. Another great feature is that AutoAbility vans come equipped with a 34" wide ramp to accomodate a variety of different wheelchair sizes.

Clock Accessible Vans offers four convenient locations throughout the state of Michigan. Contact us today or stop by one of our dealerships to find out which of these rear-entry wheelchair vans is the best solution for your needs.