15 Passenger Vans Make Summer Trips Easier for Everyone

With vaccines rolling out and restrictions loosening for the summer, families can once again take advantage of 15 passenger vans from Clock Accessible Vans for their summer trips. A great way to make trips for large groups of people much more affordable, the large passenger vans that Clock Accessible Vans has to offer will help groups get where they need to go in a convenient and efficient way. Always ready to help our customers with their transportation needs, even those with physical limitations can join on trips with Clock Accessible Vans.

Safe and dependable travel

Not only do you get a great transportation option with the 15 passenger vans from Clock Accessible Vans, but you get one that provides a safe and dependable journey, even for those with physical limitations. Because our Ford Transit & Chevy passenger vans have plenty of space available for your whole group while also fitting a wheelchair, your group’s travel gear, and more. This can make the trip not only fun for everyone, but also comfortable, with plenty of room for all involved.

15 passenger van trips all around

With four different locations throughout Michigan, anyone near Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, or Kalamazoo can get the 15 passenger van they need for their summer trips. Whether you are a large family taking a vacation together or a group of friends doing a weekend adventure, Clock Accessible Vans, and the large passenger vans available are your best resource to help get everyone to your destination in a way that will help you all save on expenses for the journey.

Regardless of physical limitations, Clock Accessible Vans has great options available for large groups looking to travel this summer. With vans capable of supporting even up to 15 passengers at a time, you can schedule a fun summer trip soon by renting a great way to travel with us.

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