Professionals Provide Insight for Finding the Perfect Mobility Van

When you need a mobility van that provides everything you need it to for your trips whether long or short, the team at Clock Accessible Vans can help you find the right one to suit your needs. Our team has years of experience providing wheelchair vans to any customer in need, and does everything in their  power to ensure that the van you decide on provides accessibility and makes your time travelling easier overall.

Day-to-day vans

When you need a normal van for travelling around to work, family, or any other destination, Clock Accessible Vans provide a variety of options of mini vans for you to choose from. Perfect for transportation that feels like getting in a standard vehicle, the mini vans that we provide have all the necessary components to give you a comfortable and safe ride without much extra effort loading and unloading. All options come with side or rear-entry options, giving anyone with physical limitations the tools they need to get on board and get where they need to go.

Bigger groups

For driving multiple people, Clock Accessible Vans also has full size vans for sale or 15 passenger vans to accommodate even the largest groups. These can both provide more space for individuals for comfortable transportation or the space needed to carry more than one person with physical limitations. Depending on what your plans are for your mobility van, our team of professionals can give you the information needed to make an informed decision on which type of van you need. When working with Clock Accessible Vans, our staff is always on-hand, so you get the attention and care that you need when making big decisions about your or a loved one’s transportation.

Getting people where they need to go, Clock Accessible Vans has the inventory and knowledgeable team to best help those with physical limitations. Contact us today to see what we have in stock or learn more about our vehicles and services.

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