Look Forward to Future Trips in a 15 Passenger Van

With social distancing still occurring and state stay-at-home orders pushing back trips, you can further plan for when you get to spend time with family and friends out again by looking into a 15 passenger van from Clock Accessible Vans. Perfect for a large group trip of friends or family, the large passenger vans that we offer are the perfect way to travel for upcoming summer trips you are still planning.

Everyone saves

Much like carpooling to travel on a vacation, you and your loved ones can go in together on a 15 passenger van from Clock Accessible Vans to ensure you have enough space for your entire large group. This can help you save on travel expenses while having a great and safe way to travel. And, because our vans can also accommodate anyone with physical limitations, you can bring along everyone without having to make any kind of extra plans to make sure they get to travel with you. We are dedicated to providing safe, effective travel to those in need, and our 15 passenger van can provide you this and more.

Enjoy company

After having to social distance for so long, we’re all craving some time spent with our friends and family, and a 15 passenger van is a great way to do this! Rather than drive yourself to you planned destination, everyone can enjoy each other’s company a little more while on the road, making up for time that may have been lost while having to stay at home because of COVID-19. Nothing replaces time spent with loved ones, and the 15 passenger van from Clock Accessible Vans ensures that you get all the time you need while on trips.

Whether planning a trip for this upcoming summer season or trips for the future, Clock Accessible Vans has the vehicles for rent and for sale that you need to help everyone be able to travel, regardless of physical limitations. If you have questions about any of our vehicles or what we’re doing for sales during stay-at-home orders, contact us today!

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