Visit Family Whenever You Want with Wheelchair Vans

Just because someone may suffer from mobility restrictions doesn’t mean they should let that stop them from seeing family, and Clock Accessible Vans supplies a wide variety of wheelchair vans to help people with this. A simple, but effective solution to moving around Michigan, Clock Accessible Vans provides families the resource they need to spend time together for reunions, planned visits, and more.

Simple but effective

Clock Accessible Vans provides simple mini vans with rear or side entry conversions for easy access and driving. Although we do also offer larger-sized vans, should they be needed, the mini vans we have available are the typical van you may be used to driving already. They all have great performance on the road and will give you the dependable transportation you need to get you or your loved ones with mobility restrictions to see family.

Built for transport

It can be a hassle sometimes finding the right type of vehicles that have the components you need for accessible travel, and Clock Accessible Vans addresses each to make your trip easier than ever. Our Braun and VMI conversion wheelchair vans come with a powered fold-out ramp for ease-of-access, tie-downs inside for a stable ride, and lowered rear seats and front seats so they can easily be removed when you need to take your extended trip. Every aspect of our vans is made to accommodate, guaranteeing a safe and comfy ride.

Updating rides

Clock Accessible Vans always has vehicles ready to rent, as well as rentals that are for sale. Our inventory is constantly being updated, so make sure to check in with us whenever you need to make the accessible trip you’ve been planning. From mini vans to large-scale transportation vans, Clock Accessible Vans has what you need.

Clock Accessible Vans is the transportation provider you need when you have somewhere you need to be. Making it possible to transport anyone with a physical disability, see what vehicles we can provide you with today!

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