Plan Your Vacation for the New Year with a 15 Passenger Van

As we enter further into the New Year, you can start to consider the benefits of renting a 15 passenger van for your vacation. The weather is pretty unforgiving right now, but once it warms, and trips with family and friends are planned, you can make the trip easier with the spacious 15 passenger vans offered by Clock Accessible Vans.

The space you need

If there’s one thing that can kill the mood when driving on a vacation, it can be a cramped ride that lasts hours. With the 15 passenger van from Clock Accessible Vans, you can load everyone with ease, no matter their mobility restrictions, and still have plenty of room for luggage, snacks, and more. Our goal is always making sure that everyone has the comfort and ease of transportation they need, no matter the situation, and vacations with a large group are no exception.

Accessibility is our goal

We make a point to understand the struggles of those who need assistance with mobility, and all the vehicles that we house are specifically designed with these people in mind. We believe everyone deserves the chance to travel easily, especially when it’s to take time away from your busy work schedule to decompress on a lovely vacation. With the 15 passenger van, you can gain the vehicle accessibility you need while also have the space to travel with your loved ones.

Easy rental

At Clock Accessible Vans, we make it easy for anyone to rent our vans. We want as little as possible to get in the way of you having a trustworthy accessible van available to you, and our policies reflect this. With a driver’s license, credit card, and full coverage auto insurance, you can get on the road and start your group vacation in a 15 passenger van today.

Clock Accessible Vans provides the transportation for anyone that needs it, regardless of physical limitations. Our wide variety of vehicles to choose from guarantees that you can find the right one for your vacation in the New Year.

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