Drive Safely this Winter with a Handicapped Van

As the roads get icy once again this winter, you can guarantee safer travel when you rent or buy a certified handicapped van from Clock Accessible Vans. We know that roads can get slippery, especially here in Michigan, but the accessible vans that we provide can get you where you need to be and give you the peace of mind you need when driving winter roads.

Trusted safety

With vans that offer high safety ratings, you know that your handicapped van rental will keep you safe through the whole season. Whether it’s a side or rear entry minivan or one of our full-size vans, you can be sure you’re driving a vehicle that’s been proven to keep you safe on the road. Offering only the best handicapped vans, you know you can believe in the safety of Clock Accessible Vans.

Drive throughout lower Michigan

Winter can vary depending on where you live in Michigan and whether you get lake-effect snow. With locations in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, and Kalamazoo, you can get the safety certified handicapped van you need almost anywhere in the lower peninsula. We care about your travel this winter and know that we can help you find the right van to keep your travels comfortable and safe this winter.

Make it a present

We see car commercials through all the holidays, but nothing for accessible vans. This holiday season, you can give of the gift of safety and ease of travel to your family or friends who need an easier way to get around. The adaptive equipment available for our handicapped vans can get people in and out of their vehicle comfortably and set up for safe travelling.

With a focus on giving everyone the opportunity to travel with ease, no matter their physical limitations, Clock Accessible Vans can get you moving. With a wide variety of accessible vans available, you can find yours today!

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