Maintain Mobility with Handicap Van Rental

Offering some of the best accessible vans for those with physical ailments that make travel difficult, the handicap van rental from Clock Accessible Vans is the best service for you when your vehicle needs time spent in the shop. Getting repairs on any vehicle can be a stressful time, but with Clock Accessible Vans, your worry can be washed away as you have a handicap accessible van when you need it.

Get the full experience

With full size vans from Clock Accessible Vans, you get the extra room you need if you are travelling with family or another large group. They come with wheelchair lifts, wheelchair restraints, and driving aids so your drive and loading your vehicle go as smooth as possible. Simply by stopping in at one of Clock Accessible Vans’ four locations, you can see what selection we have at that location and learn about the vehicles from our friendly and trained staff.

Mini-van options

The mini-vans that Clock Accessible Vans offer come in side entry and rear entry options so that you can get inside and drive whatever option is easiest for you. With simple controls for a side ramp or rear lift, our mini-vans can be operated and driven with ease. With excellent road performance, the vans at Clock Accessible Vans will get you to where you need to go while your vehicle is in the shop dependably and comfortably.

Simple renting

By simply having all the standards of your regular vehicle’s requirements to drive, you can rent one of our vans. With a valid driver’s license, being 18 or older, a credit card, and full coverage auto insurance, you can get on the road in your rented Clock Accessible van.

With a passion for getting people on the road despite their physical limitations, Clock Accessible Vans has provided families with quality vans that they can count on. With four locations throughout Michigan, you can depend on Clock Accessible Vans to be near and ready to get you on the road.

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