Enjoy a Summer Road Trip with Michigan Van Rentals

As summer continues to move forward, Clock Accessible Vans wants to make sure you can take the trips you need to by providing quality Michigan van rentals. With plenty of space, you and your whole family can take our vans on a long trip with ease. Each van available to rent is dependable and affordable, so nothing stands in the way of you and your fun in the sun.

Only the best vans

If you are worried about driving a vehicle you are not familiar with for your road trip, don’t be! The models of vans that we offer are easy-to-use, so people who are not used to driving a full-size van will quickly get the hang of it. Our vans are efficient and safe as well, so you can depend on them as the best option for you and your family’s specialty vehicle.

Bring the whole family

Want to make the trip with a large group? No problem! Our 15 passenger vans comfortably hold your whole group safely. By taking only one vehicle, your group can also save money on gas, giving you more money to spend on fun things you find on your trip. Don’t let the size of our 15-passenger van fool you in terms of safety. They are just as safe and reliable as all our other sizes of vans, meaning you can take your entire group with ease of mind.

Everywhere you need us

With four locations throughout Michigan, Clock Accessible Vans has the locations to best serve you no matter where you are. From Traverse City all the way to Lansing, there are spots for you to get your Michigan van rentals and get on your way with your road trip.

With a desire to make it possible for anyone to get where they need to go, Clock Accessible Vans provides accessible vans at an affordable rate. With the selection of handicap vans and wheelchair vans offered, we make sure everyone can be included in your trips.

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