Choosing the Right Wheelchair Van Rental

Having to make an important decision can be hard, but here at Clock Accessible Vans, we provide everything you need to make a choice on your wheelchair van rental. Depending on your requirements, you may need a specific model of vehicle, and the options we provide will help you to narrow that search and find the perfect match.

All shapes and sizes

Whether you’re looking to find a vehicle for personal transportation or a large group, we have the kind you need. Planning a large family vacation? Try out our 15 passenger vans, which provide safety as well as comfort in getting to your destination. For smaller groups, we also offer full and mini sized vans that offer efficiency and ease of use. All our wheelchair van rentals also may be equipped with either a ramp or wheelchair lift to ensure there are no difficulties in getting in and out of our vehicles.

To rent or not to rent

Buying a vehicle is a big commitment, so we take pride being able to make people’s lives easier with rental vehicles. As we all know, vehicles require maintenance and upkeep from time to time, and it is during these times that we are here to help. If you own an accessible van and it decides to break down at the most inconvenient time, we are here to help.

Not just another rental

Should you need a different type of rental vehicle, we are still on your side. If you contact one of our four locations, we will do our best in getting you the non-traditional van you need.

At Clock Accessible Vans, we want anyone, regardless of any limitation to not be bound by travel. With our different rental options, we will make sure everyone is included on your trip.

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