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Drive Safely this Winter with a Handicapped Van

As the roads get icy once again this winter, you can guarantee safer travel when you rent or buy a certified handicapped van from Clock Accessible Vans. We know that roads can get slippery, especially here in Michigan, but the accessible vans that we provide can get you where you need to be and give you the peace of mind you need when driving winter roads.

Maintain Mobility with Handicap Van Rental

Offering some of the best accessible vans for those with physical ailments that make travel difficult, the handicap van rental from Clock Accessible Vans is the best service for you when your vehicle needs time spent in the shop. Getting repairs on any vehicle can be a stressful time, but with Clock Accessible Vans, your worry can be washed away as you have a handicap accessible van when you need it.

Enjoy a Summer Road Trip with Michigan Van Rentals

As summer continues to move forward, Clock Accessible Vans wants to make sure you can take the trips you need to by providing quality Michigan van rentals. With plenty of space, you and your whole family can take our vans on a long trip with ease. Each van available to rent is dependable and affordable, so nothing stands in the way of you and your fun in the sun.

Drive the Whole Family with Passenger Vans for Sale

If your family is growing bigger and you need a way to transport everyone with ease, then passenger vans from Clock Accessible Vans are the perfect solution for you. With both new and used mobility vans for sale, Clock Accessible vans has the different options you might need to fit your family’s personal driving needs.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair Van Rental

Having to make an important decision can be hard, but here at Clock Accessible Vans, we provide everything you need to make a choice on your wheelchair van rental. Depending on your requirements, you may need a specific model of vehicle, and the options we provide will help you to narrow that search and find the perfect match.

Call Us To Reserve a Mobility Rental Van For Your Warm Weather Travel

With snowflakes flying, many are sitting next to the fire planning the best route to warmer weather, and that may include a wheelchair accessible mobility van rental. Florida, Arizona, wherever you’re looking to find a little warmth and sunshine, we have a rental vehicle to make the trip easier. Get the space, mobility, and convenience you need from our rental vehicles.

Save Money on Gas With 15 Passenger Vans

It’s not for everybody, but some people just really love a good road trip. And what could be better than sharing that trip with the people you love? If you’re planning to travel with a big group, odds are that you have been looking into different types of mini or full-size vans. While these are good options, they may not offer the space you are looking for. Michigan 15 passenger van rentals are a great option for when you need the extra space, whether it’s for your cargo or for the number of people you’ll be bringing along.

Rental Vans Are A Great Way To Travel

Are you thinking about taking a trip? Need some space to move your stuff? You don’t need to buy a new car, pay for expensive plane tickets or rent out an expensive moving truck. Instead, you can use a rental van. It’ll cost much less than those other options while still meeting all of your space requirements. There’s never been a better way to get where you need to go without spending a fortune. And with today’s skyrocketing prices for gas and airfare, there’s never been a better time to take a trip and save some money by using a rental van.

Get to Your Destination Safely With Michigan Wheelchair Van Rentals

If you or someone you love uses a wheelchair, you know how difficult transportation can be. Many cities and towns don’t have very good public transportation options, which means that getting around on your own can often be a huge hassle. Meanwhile, purchasing a wheelchair van just for the occasional trip to the grocery store or the doctor doesn’t seem like a great investment. When you need a ride just every once in a while, consider getting a Michigan wheelchair van rental to get you where you need to go.

Accessible Vans and Your Dream Vacation

Most people dream of relaxing by taking a luxurious vacation… for those with mobility issues, however, that dream can be a little more complicated. Finding comfortable transportation to the airport or – even more difficult – across the country can prove to be a challenging task. One of the ways that Clock Mobility Vans aims to simplify this endeavor is by making it possible for anyone, regardless of physical limitations, to get where they want to go.

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